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The Arab Society for Public Awareness from Dangerous Drugs and Narcotics.

Founded in 1990 in Jordan, ASPADD's goal is to help raise the awareness in Jordan and the Arab World about the dangers of drugs and addiction.

A group of Jordans elite joined forces to help prevent the spread of drugs among the population, ASPADD team toured the kingdom and other Arab nations conducting awareness seminars and activities involving all spectrums of the society .

Joining Forces with Governmental organizations, ASPADD helped formulate the kingdom’s drug and addiction laws, and we still coordinate with the governmental organizations and assist in organizing activities all around Jordan, especially in the Jordanian universities. ASPADD had significant contributions in identifying addicts and getting them the help and treatment they need.

ASPADD Is an Active member of the International NGO Community. We participate in major conferences and share our findings from our experience to help the international community in the fight against the dangers of drugs and Narcotics .

Our Team

  • Dr. Abdulah Oweidat - President

    Dr. Abdullah oweidat is the founder and president of ASPADD, Dr. Oweidat held many governmental and Academicleadership positions and he is currently a faculty member at the Amman Arab University

  • Hashem AlKaisi - Vice President

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  • Dr. Mahmoud Sarhan - Secretary

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  • Dr. Nazih Hamdi - Executive Board Member

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  • Dr. Maysa Alsaket - Executive Board Member

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  • Dr. Jamal Anani - Executive Board Member

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  • Dr. Bassam Amro - Treasurer

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  • Arwa Olayan - Executive Board Member

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  • Ahmad Ajlouni - Executive Board Member

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  • Saif Ajaj - Office Manager

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Our Projects and Events

November Awareness Workshop

Senator Abdullah Oweidat, Chairman of the Arab Society for awareness against dangerous drugs and narcotics, if 'trade openness and increased expatriate assistance employment factors in the growing phenomenon of promotion of the drug in the Kingdom', adding that 'the relationship between the promotion of drugs and between war and tendencies is a direct correlation. "

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Training Workshop in Ma'an

In a collaborating with ASPADD, Kolona Al Ordon launched  Monday the first training camp for young people in the Governorate of Ma'an under the title "No to drugs, yes to life" to curb the spread of the drug phenomenon among the Jordanian society.

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Upcoming Events

Training Workshop in Almafraq

in January 2017 we will conduct a workshop in AlMafraq

Training Workshop in Aqaba

in March 2017 we will conduct a workshop in AlAqaba

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